Alienware’s New Aurora R15 Gaming PC Is Super Customizable

Dell’s gaming division, Alienware, already sells many desktops optimized for PC gaming. Today, the company unveiled the Alienware Aurora R15 desktop, featuring the latest hardware from Intel and NVIDIA.

The new Alienware Aurora R15 follows the same basic design as other Alienware desktops, with a white chassis and RGB lights visible on the front and side panel. You can also get a non-clear side panel. The desktop measures 32.2 inches in length (589 mm), 8.86 inches across (225 mm), and 20.1 inches tall (510 mm). Depending on the parts you pick, it weighs as much as 34.2 pounds (15.5 kg).

Alienware says the desktop has “an array of hexagonal side vents” to help with airflow. Poor air circulation and hot temperatures are a frequent problem with pre-built desktop computers, and Alienware’s recent desktops have been a mixed bag when it comes to thermal performance. The new R15 has a 240mm heat exchanger that is “doubled in size from the previous generation,” but the latest hardware from Intel and NVIDIA is more demanding on power than ever, so that change might not amount to much.

Alienware Aurora R15 with liquid cooling

Alienware is selling the R15 in many, many, many different hardware configurations. There are six CPU options, all of which are from Intel’s brand new 13th-generation Core lineup — ranging from the brand-new Intel Core i5-13600K to the high-end Core i9-13900KF. There are also a whopping 15 choices for the graphics card, including nine GeForce RTX 3000-series GPUs, the new RTX 4090, and five Radeon RX 6000-series cards. You can also pick between 8-64 GB RAM, varying storage capacities, three Wi-FI cards, and eight PSU/cooling configurations.

Given the variety that Alienware is offering, and the lack of any pricing information, it’s hard to make any judgements about performance or value. No matter what hardware configuration you buy, you will get a “custom Alienware motherboard,” which means upgrades could be more difficult down the line than with a typical custom-built PC. The ports are all the same across all models, including USB Type-A and Type-C, Gigabit Ethernet, audio input and output (both digital and analog), and a combined headset port. Wi-Fi 6 is also standard across all models, and some have Wi-Fi 6E.

The Alienware Aurora R15 will be available to buy sometime this fall.

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