7 Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Monitor Stand

Your monitor probably came with a stand, but there’s a good chance it’s not quite as good as it should be to give you the best computing experience. If you’ve never considered it, there are several great reasons to upgrade.

Types of Aftermarket Stands and Arms

The typical pack-in stand with a monitor usually attaches to the monitor at its base using a custom attachment. Unless you’re buying a proprietary stand for your specific monitor model, aftermarket stands and arms usually attach to the monitor using the VESA mounting holes on the back of the device. Most modern monitors have VESA mounts in several sizes, such as VESA 75mm, 100mm, 200mm, and so on. As long as the aftermarket stand supports the VESA mount dimensions of your monitor and is rated for the correct weight capacity, it should work.

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There’s a good variety of aftermarket stands to choose from, ranging from inexpensive simple pole-mounts that clamp to the edge of your desk to intricate multi-monitor stands with gas-lift arms and more flexibility on this side of a hacker movie. Regarding the benefits discussed below, some will only apply to particular types of stands, so make sure you pick one with the right features for your needs.

1. Better Ergonomics

If you care about your posture and other aspects of your health when using your computer, then having a monitor stand with good ergonomic options is a must. The most important feature you need to look for is height adjustability. Setting your monitor at the correct eye level is crucial. In addition, it should have tilt, swivel, and rotation.


VIVO Single 13 to 32 inch Monitor Desk Stand

$30 $36 Save $6

The VIVO monitor stand is an inexpensive free-standing solution that gives any monitor up to 32 inches in diameter height-adjustability, tilt, swivel, and rotation.

Ideally, your stand will also let you bring the monitor closer or further away, depending on your job. Assuming the aftermarket stand offers the right flexibility, you ensure you’re comfortable in any situation.

2. More Flexibility

Depending on your specific monitor stand, you can add heaps of flexibility to your single- or multi-monitor setup. You could use one monitor arrangement for work, another for gaming, and yet another for watching movies.


HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand

$50 $68 Save $18

With two monitors up to 27" in size on independent arms, the Huanuo offers an affordable and extremely flexible solution for any dual-screen user. With free tilt and rotation, almost any use case is possible.

By freeing your monitors from the constraints of their factory stands, you’ll enjoy entirely new ways of using your computer system.

3. You’ll Save Space

Aftermarket monitor stands and arms can be much more space efficient than a stock stand. A dual monitor stand halves the footprint of a dual-monitor setup, and if you use a monitor arm mounted on or through your desk, the footprint becomes practically zero.


HUANUO Monitor and Laptop Mount

$130 $140 Save $10

This monitor and laptop mount lets you keep both your monitors and your laptop off your desk, giving you plenty of space to work or play, without feeling cluttered.

With all that extra space, you can have more room for peripherals and decorations or just get rid of that cramped feeling.

4. Easy Orientation Switching

Portrait mode isn’t just for smartphones anymore. With a good aftermarket stand, you can rotate your monitor into a vertical orientation in seconds. Coders, document editors, TikTok fans, and vertical arcade game fans all know the benefits of vertical screen real estate, and so can you.

5. Improved Aesthetics

While most monitors are nondescript rectangles, their stands can have a variety of styles and designs. If you don’t like the styling and color of your monitor’s stand, you can replace it with an aftermarket unit that either looks better or fades into the background.

Monitor arms are also the best way to get that minimalist “floating” monitor look for your workspace. So if you looking to create a modern space for yourself, a new stand can go a long way.

6. Better Cable Management

Modern computer monitors usually have multiple inputs, and multi-monitor setups are much more common now. So it’s not hard for the cabling situation to get out of hand quickly.

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Many aftermarket monitor stands and arms include much better cable management systems. They may have exterior clips to bind cables to the stand or even allow you to port your cables through the stand’s interior.

7. It’s Cheaper Than Buying a New Monitor With a Fancy Stand

It’s possible to buy a monitor with a stand featuring everything you get from a good aftermarket stand. Unfortunately, they usually come attached to some pretty expensive monitors meant for high-end gaming or professional content production.

If you have no need for an expensive (or new) panel, an aftermarket stand can add pro-grade mounting options to your existing screen for anything between $25 and $100. The benefits certainly far outweigh that additional cost!

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