25 Gifts for the iPhone User in Your Life for 2022

If you’re shopping for somebody with an iPhone, you’re in luck. There are an astounding number of accessories, both useful and quirky, for the popular phone platform.

Wireless Chargers: Because Cord Free Is Awesome

A wireless charging station with an iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch charging.

If you ask me, as far as phone developments go, wireless charging is one of the greatest things that has ever happened in the phone world. In fact, I hardly ever plug my phone in anymore and haven’t for years.


Anker Foldable 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station

$26 $32 Save $6

This all-in-on kit includes an 18W quick charger and features spots for a phone, Air Pods, and Apple Watch. The fold-down design is perfect for travelers who want to take their charging station on the road.


Anker Wireless Charger

At this price, you can gift ’em freely and maybe put a few around your own house. I try to keep a wireless charger everywhere I hangout in the house so I can always just drop my phone right onto it.


CHGeek Wireless Charging Cradle

$24 $30 Save $6

If your giftee uses their phone in a cradle, you can swap out their cradle with this one for on-the-go wireless charging.


Polmxs Wireless Charging Mat

$21 $23 Save $2

Why wish the center console storage tray was a wireless charger when you can make it one with this handy little non-slip mat.

Upgraded Chargers: Charge in a Flash

An in-car charger with two ports.

I don’t always plug my phone in, but when I do it’s into a powerful fast charger. Wireless charging might be the best since sliced bread, but when you need to go from 5% battery life to 55% battery life in a hurry, you need a fast charger. Whether you’re shopping for a wall charger or a car charger, there are many great options.


Anker USB C 20W Charger

It’s about the size of those old tiny Apple 5W chargers but much more powerful. Keep the OG look but crank the juice up to 20W so your friend can charge their phone faster.


Anker 32W USB-C Car Charger

$17 $26 Save $9

Why leave the rapid charging at home? Keep high-power gadgets topped off with this Anker car charger. You can fast charge phones with the power-delivery USB-C port and power other devices off the regular port.


Anker Dual USB C 50W Car Charger

$24 $46 Save $22

Fifty watts! In a low profile car charger! Why fight for the fast charging when both the driver and passenger can have it.


Anker USB C GaN 65W Charger

This premium charger will not only allow your friend to fast charge their iPhone along with other accessories but also power much beefier things like their MacBook or other compatible laptop.

Premium Cables: Don’t Leave ‘Em Frayed

A durable iPhone charging cable with a magnetic cable management system.

Every one of us has a person in our life with one or more phone cables that look like mice chewed them up. Give the gift of sparkling new lightning cables to your friend.


Feel2nice 10ft USB to Lightning Cables

Perfect for the friend who can’t stop losing charging cables, this 5 pack will give them one for their bedroom, living room, car, and even office with one to spare.


Anker USB C to Lightning Cables

You can’t fast charge an iPhone with a standard USB A cable, so help your friend get in the fast lane by rounding out a charger upgrade with a cable upgrade too.


Belkin BoostCharge Pro 10ft USB C Lighting Cable

$30 $35 Save $5

This durable cable features a braided outer sheath over a flexible silicone inner sheath along with a handy magnetic cable management system. It’s rated for 30,000 bends and will be a perfect durable replacement for the 10 year old cable your friend insists on keeping.


Wangmai 10ft 90 Degree USB C to Lightning Cable

If your friend likes to play on their phone while it charges, this 90 degree charging cable makes it comfortable to hold the phone without putting extra pressure on the cord.

Portable Batteries: For Charging on the Go

A person holds their phone and a portable battery pack.

Over the years iPhone battery life has really improved, but in every group there is an all-day go-go-go power user. Whether they’re blowing out their battery playing mobile games they’re always exclaiming “I forgot to charge my stupid phone again!” these portable batteries will see them through.


Anker Portable Charger

For the friend that never has enough juice, this 10,000 mAh battery pack has enough power to keep an iPhone running up to 300% longer than a regular charge alone could.


Solar Power Bank with LED Flashlight

For those friends that spend long hikes away from an outlet, this handy power bank not only has enough juice to charge their phone nearly a half dozen times but it includes slower charging and a very useful LED flashlight.


Anker PowerCore Ultra Compact Battery

Not everybody needs enough backup power to survive off grid. This petite lipstick-size charger can give your friend a full charge without weighing them down.

MagSafe Accessories: Magnets, How Do They Work?

A MagSafe phone mount in a car.

MagSafe is a magnet-based tech from Apple that brought its popular magnetic charging design the MacBook to the iPhone. You can find it in everything from snap-on wallets to clip-free car mounts.

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Do note that unlike the other gifts in this roundup, compatibility depends on the iPhone model. MagSafe accessories only work with iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models.

But if they have a compatible phone it makes for a pretty great gift because either your giftee is already using it (and more MagSafe gear is welcome) or they’re unfamiliar with MagSafe (and will be blown away by how cool it is).


Anker MagSafe Charging Puck

If your friend hasn’t started using MagSafe yet, you can’t go wrong getting them a basic MagSafe compatible charger to introduce them to wireless magnetic click-and-go charging.


Apple MagSafe Wallet for iPhone

Available in a variety of colors this leather wallet magnetically sticks to the back of your phone and integrates with the Find My device tracking function. If your friend misplaced their wallet their iPhone will remember the last place they had it.


PockSockets MagSafe PopGrip

Want the useful grip a PopSocket offers but not all the time? With MagSafe you can skip the sticky bits and pop it on and off whenever you want.


Anker Wireless PowerWave Charging Stand

Pop your MagSafe compatible phone on the top and park your AirPods on the bottom for an all-in-one charging solution.


Belkin MagSafe Car Charging Cradle

It’s all the convenience of a car cradle with none of the fussing to get it in and out of the cradle. It’s practically a speed holster for your phone.

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Fun and Frivolous: Cable Pandas for Everyone

A young man holds a portable iPhone tripod.

So far, our iPhone gift suggestions have been on the practical side, like durable cables and upgraded chargers. There’s always room for fun, though.


Apple AirPods Pro

$199 $249 Save $50

AirPods Pro earbuds certainly aren’t cheap but they’re amazing. If your friend is in the market for quality earbuds that offer an seamless experience with the iPhone and other Apple products, you really can’t beat them.


Animal Cable Protectors

These little cable pets are inexpensive and adorable. If your giftee like whimsical things, they make for great little stocking stuffers.


Joby GripTight

$22 $35 Save $13

As far as portable mini tripods go, you’d be hard pressed to find better than Joby products. Perfect smartphone, action cams, and more.


Kodak Step Mini Photo Printer

$70 $100 Save $30

A fun gift for young and old, this compact photo printer allows you to beam pictures right from your phone and get a print in your hand in seconds. Why throw photos into the void of social media when you can print them out and put them right on the fridge.


OontZ Angle Solo Bluetooth Speaker

$20 $30 Save $10

This compact Bluetooths speaker is big on sound, big on battery life, and IPX5 water-resistant. Give it to your friend so they can enjoy tunes in the shower or their favorite True Crime podcasts in the bath.

So whether you buy your friend a pack of cables, a speedy new charger, or really splurge and get them some new AirPods, there are plenty of fun gifts to give the iPhone devotee in your life.

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